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 A japanese naming related question

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PostSubject: A japanese naming related question   Mon Mar 29, 2010 4:38 am

I've watched a football match with japanese comments, and I noticed that the names of the players were all in kanjis.
Is there a rule for translating names from english to japanase, or do you just replace the letters with similarly sounding kanjis?
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PostSubject: Re: A japanese naming related question   Sat Apr 17, 2010 8:02 pm

well if it's an english -> japanese you would use katakana.
like the name Sally, it would translate to sari-(サリー)
if you want to put your name into kanji it'd be pretty hard finding the sounds/kanji that go with it? ;_;'' but you can do that like how they did zeus and occult.
Zeus ->seusu> 世宇子

I really don't know how to phrase it. orz||
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A japanese naming related question
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